We Believe In Working Together

Crosby's Molasses

Crosby’s Molasses

We partnered with Will & our friends at Crosby’s Molasses, using their fancy molasses to bring out the incredible flavour you’ll find in our Winter Warmer. Brew #5, November 2016.



Our partnership with Al at McPhee’s is focused on providing low-cost bread products using our spent grains. Al does amazing work, donating regularly to local food banks. November, 2016.

Petit Sault

Petit Sault

Developed an incredible smoked porter with Patrick from Petit Sault. The Epic Fume was a huge hit with both Foghorn & Petit Sault customers. Brew #23, January 2017.

Big Tide Brewing

Big Tide

Our very first collaboration! Proud to develop Humbuggery Best Bitter with Wendy, Big Tide’s long-time co-owner and brewmaster. Brew #15, December 2016.

Briggs Maples

Briggs Maples

Partnering with David at Briggs Maples to develop a Maple Rye Ale as part of Tourism NB’s ‘Tap into NB’ program. Brew #29, February 2017.

Farmer Dave

Farmer Dave

We work with Dave to provide his local Quispamsis farm with spent grains – his cattle get great nutrients, and we get good vibes! Since November, 2016.

Java Moose

Java Moose Coffee Roasters

We’ve worked with Glen at Java Moose on a few projects, but mostly we get caffeinated there every morning because it’s awesome and close. Our first collab actually ended up on the ceiling (ask us to show you), but ever since we’ve done a couple cask projects and most recently, a new iteration of our Bryan Stout featuring their Foghorn coffee!