EPIC FUME Smoked Porter

So, you know how most porters kind of lean on the sweeter side? Because of Esty’s got an epic hate on for sweet beers, this one doesn’t do that. Epic Fumee full-on challenges the definition of ‘porter’ with beachwood smoked malt and a subtle smokiness. We did this one

GOLDEN GROVER British Golden Ale

Is Grover… golden? No. He’s blue. Is Golden Grover a road in southern New Brunswick that leads to epic parties? No. But Golden Grove might be (spoiler alert: it is). Is there a story in there somewhere? Most likely. This one’s our most complex; a classic British pale ale with a balanced profile offering bready, […]


Straight up, the American Pale Ale is Steve’s least favorite style – it actually makes him really upset to even talk about. He gets all bitter because he thinks it’s the USA’s Trump-ing of pale ales and whatever, but we generally just roll our eyes and talk about how good this one tastes. It drives […]

EXTRA Ordinary Bitter

For this one, yo’’d really ought check the stellar review on UnTapped, penned by some dude who’s definitely from the Maritimes. Enough said.


Our signature beer. Balanced like the most talented West Coast ballerina you’ve ever met. The Constable is a West Coast IPA with just the slightest caramel background – a killer balance between citrus and piney notes. Not to brag, but it might be the best IPA you’ll ever try. Curious about this brew’s namesake? Ask […]